Chatbots for restaurants

How chatbots can help your restaurant business

Technology is advancing very rapidly and impacting many industries. One of the most recent developments is the use of chatbots and chatbot technology. A chatbot is an automated conversation partner, often driven by Natural Language Processing or NLP. These automated conversation partners can talk and interact in a very human way.

Chatbots can be very helpful in your restaurant business too. They can do repetitive tasks like picking up the phone or taking orders. At Table Duck for example, we’ve created a chatbot that can take orders and payments for your restaurant via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. It can take orders for table service but also for delivery orders or takeout.

A chatbot for your restaurant is ideal when you’re lacking time or when you’re running low on staff. But it also increases the guest experience because it brings convenience and service where and when the guest wants it.

More insights for your restaurant with the use of chatbots.

Chatbots also create valuable insights about your guests. Who’s interacting with what kind of product? These insights can also lead to better, more personalized guest experiences. Imagine that you are aware that a person has a certain kind of allergy. You can train the chatbot to adapts it’s menu to that persons needs.

Alternative for self-ordering kiosk

Driving extra revenue with chatbots

A chatbot in your restaurant is also an ideal way to drive extra revenue. The way a chatbot works is in the form of a dialog or a conversation. This means a chatbot can send promotional messages back. Imagine, based on data, that you’re aware of a family that likes to order your  restaurants takeout on Friday nights. How convenient is it that the chatbot can send a promotional message on Fridays to that family containing their last order? High chance that the family will pick your takeout instead of something else.

Other forms of robotics for a restaurant

There are also other forms of robotics emerging that can help your restaurant business. Bear Robotics for example is building robots that can serve as a waiter in your restaurant. Another startup called Starship is building robots for delivery.

So to sum it up, there is a lot going on if it comes down to technology and restaurant business.

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