How to set up Table Duck’s self-ordering chatbot?

Step 1: Connect with your POS

First we make a connection with your POS. Therefore we need your approval and send this approval to the POS provider. The POS provider will give us access to your POS. We need a connection to import:

  • Product information like product names, prices, product descriptions.
  • Categories of the products like white wine, beers, soda’s etc.
  • Table numbers of your horeca venue,

Easily connects with

Step 2: Decide what to sell

When we make an import of your POS, we import all products, categories and table numbers including e.g. products you don’t want to sell like drinks for employees. Via our Table Duck dashboard you can see what has been imported and change or rename products, categories or table numbers.

Step 3:  Set up the channels

Guest can use the chatbot in multiple ways. Currently we offer webchat and Facbook Messenger.

Webchat: For webchat you don’t have to do anything.

Facebook: For Facebook Messenger, we need a Facebook page to connect the chatbot with. Tip: create a separate Facebook page for self-ordering. This way you prevent the chatbot responding on questions the chatbot can’t answer like “Can I reserve for 20 people this Friday?”

Step 4:  Set up payment methods

We offer a wide variety of payment methods like credit card and PayPal but also local methods like iDeal (Netherlands). We need to select the payment methods you want to offer. Plus, we need a bank account number to transfer the money to.

Step 5: Create communication materials

Let your guests know they can order via a self-ordering chatbot. We will create a link where the chatbot can be found but we feel it’s nicer to communicate your own link and link it to the chatbot.

Other ways to communicate your link:

  • Instore promotion materials like a table sticker
  • On your website via a button on the homepage
  • WiFi portal

We offer an onboarding service for € 399 where we will set up the chatbot for you and create communication materials.

Questions? Please send an email to or call with +316 2919 3118