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Vapiano is an Italian fast-casual restaurant chain founded in 2002 in Hamburg. It has more than 100 locations worldwide and is known for its great pasta. All meals are freshly made. To better engage with its customers, Vapiano Dusseldorf was looking for a new ordering and engagement solution. Their main priority was to reduce friction and waiting times for pickup and takeaway orders.

Messaging to extend reach beyond just a website or app

At Table Duck, we’ve set up a Vapiano branded virtual assistant called Anna Cotta for the Dusseldorf locations. The assistant works via messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messaging, Telegram and webchat. It allows Vapiano Dusseldorf to extend its reach and communicate with customers in other channels than just the website or app.
Via social messaging apps, customers can order and pay for their favorite pasta or ask questions like “Do you have vegan pizzas?”.

Automation via chatbots, AI and NLP

Conversations with the virtual assistant are automated via our chatbot that uses AI and NLP. Customers can chat with the assistant using buttons or by typing what they want to order. The virtual assistant has full ordering capabilities, including in-conversation payments and it supports rich features like browsing the menu, showing product images and handling modifiers. Thanks to a POS integration, orders are sent straight to the kitchen.
If the virtual assistant doesn’t understand a question, a human handover is triggered. The restaurant manager of the venue will be notified and can take over the conversation with the customer to handle the customer request.

Digital assistants are becoming more and more involved in social life – just think of Alexa or Siri – I want our restaurants to meet the new social demands and to keep innovation at the core of our DNA.

Fabian Lamprecht, Franchisee Vapiano Dusseldorf

Driving repeat purchases via one-to-one marketing

Every customer conversation is an opportunity to sell, from the first interaction to a lasting connection. A conversation can be easily re-opened by either the customer or the brand. Therefore, it allows Vapiano Dusseldorf to reach out to its customers directly via one-to-one marketing and personalized communication. Messaging is a good driver for repeat purchasing.

Data ownership in a first party channel

Data is important, especially for the restaurant industry with powerful 3rd party delivery apps like Lieferando (JustEatTakeaway), Deliveroo and UberEats lacking to share customer data. Vapiano Dusseldorf realized that as well and wants to be in full control of its customer data. With the Table Duck platform, Vapiano Dusseldorf owns all the data and can easily export data into other systems.

Google Business Messaging to engage straight from Google Search 

A newly added messaging channel is Google Business Messaging. If it’s set up and you search for a local restaurant like “Vapiano Dusseldorf”, a messaging button appears on the Google search result page. Customers can interact directly with the Vapiano brand without leaving the search result page. Although it’s a relatively new channel, the future looks promising. As a Google partner, Table Duck is working closely with Google in further developing this messaging channel. 

Results of messaging so far

Since Vapiano Dusseldorf has gone live with the virtual assistant, conversations and order volume grew steadily. Every day there are more interactions and more orders coming from messaging, supported by marketing activities like flyers with QR codes, social media posts and advertisement.

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