Increase your service and revenue by eliminating customer waiting time.

With Table Duck your customers can use regular messaging platforms to place an order and pay directly.

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Hospitality chatbot

Our chatbot is a virtual employee who services your guests in an instant. Your guests place their order and pay via local payment methods. So there is no need to wait  to get served anymore.

Why using our chatbot:

  • Instant service when your customers need it
  • Higher table rotation
  • Save on personnel costs
  • No need to install an app
  • Lower your dependency on finding good staff
  • Increase turnover by cross and upsell features

What Table Duck can do for you

Table service

Restaurants and cafes with large terraces, beach places, food courts. But also places like bowling alleys and playgrounds. Everywhere where it is very crowded and table service is required.


Fast food chains, caterers, coffee bars. Where guests want to pre-order and pick up their orders easily.

Room service

Hotels with room service. No more calling to the reception desk but easy ordering via a chatbot to have a meal delivered to your hotel room.

A chatbot? How does that work?

Your guests can start a conversation on their phone by opening a link in their browser, scanning a QR code or search for your venue in their messaging app. During the conversation with your guests our chatbot asks what they want to order and at which table your guests are sitting.

The guests pay up front with their own phone. When the payment is completed, the order gets pushed to the POS system. The guests get a notification that the order is received and will be delivered soon.

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59per month
  • Up to 250 orders per month

149per month
  • Up to 1.000 orders per month

299per month
  • Up to 2.500 orders per month

Pricing is excl. transaction fees for e.g. creditcard, iDeal or PayPal.  Multiple venues? Reach out to us for a special offer.

Start today with your digital employee!

Integrates well with

Gastrofix POS
unTill POS
Lightspeed POS
Toast POS
Square POS

Easy setup, no hardware investments required. Check out our easy onboarding

First month for free, easy cancellation

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